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Certified Specialist for
Employment Law



More than almost any other area of law, labor law determines tangible economic interests as well as socio-political requirements. Work is the basis of our existence and the use of manpower, just like the use of manpower, is indispensable for the success of our business - for a society as well as for us as a person. An individual “ what should we live on? "Always includes a social" how do we want to live? ". This area of tension often explains a labor court jurisprudence, which is sometimes felt to be unjust, especially by entrepreneurs. It is my job to know them, to use them and to adapt the business decisions with regard to personnel management requirements. I have been following it with passion for the cause for 25 years. The current situation of a pandemic in particular shows the potential for change in the simple term “work”. Possibilities and requirements that seemed unthinkable a few years ago are suddenly a reality. Jurisprudence is just as important in shaping these conditions as companies and their employees. To see such developments, sometimes to foresee them and to actively include them in the advice, distinguishes a formative labor law from a "retelling" labor law and good advice from an average one.
Wen ich berate


My clientele are medium-sized companies. As a rule, I advise them within the framework of a long-term and trusting client relationship, in some cases for more than 15 years. With between 10 and 8,000 employees, they represent successful (not only German) medium-sized companies - "German Mittelstand"; they are active in the manufacturing industry as well as in the financial sector, in the service sector and in the healthcare sector. They are family businesses in the third generation or owned by national and international investors, they are stock corporations as well as sole proprietorships, joint practices or semi-public organizations.


A large number of my clients and / or their owners (companies) are internationally positioned. I advise and represent companies and entrepreneurs in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, but also from the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore in their activities in Germany. The experience gained in working for a large international law firm guarantees these companies a standard of advice that they are used to from the environment of the large law firms, supplemented by a very personal and human approach.


Executives, board members and managing directors as well as professional musicians and top athletes seek advice from me, both in drafting contracts and in terminating activities and commitments. Forward-looking advice is just as much a part of my tasks as the judicial enforcement or defense of claims in connection with these activities.

Georg Melzer


Studied in Heidelberg and Konstanz, attorney since 1996. Experience as in-house lawyer at a major German bank in the field of HR and investment banking, several years of work in an international (US) law firm, there still being Of-Counsel in the field of labor law. Recurring supervisory board member and chairman of listed and unlisted companies, member of the expert committee of Director's Channel, a medium for supervisory boards. Regular publications on commercial and labor law topics, e.g. B. "Costs of listing a medium-sized company on the stock exchange (DStR 2001,42 ff)," Risks of the entrepreneur when drawing on credit "(in Deter / Diegelmann," Creditor Relations ")," Legal aspects of company acquisition "(in Bros / Faust "Corporate succession in medium-sized companies"), "Publikums-AG Piech" (FAZ of April 23, 2015), "Risk of late marriage for pension entitlements", interview in "Institutional Money" 05/16 or "The advisory board at the GmbH" (guest article in "Director's Channel". Foreign languages English, French, Spanish. Enthusiastic hobby cook and jazz pianist.


Selected Advisory Mandates

  • Long-term advice to medium-sized and larger companies (including machine manufacturers, major German banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturing industry, temporary employment agencies, car manufacturers, social media start ups) in individual and collective law matters, litigation in judgment and resolution proceedings;

  • Advising international companies and organizations in their activities in Germany (e.g. Irish temporary employment agency, French rail and container group, Asian semi-governmental organizations, Dutch investment fund, Italian machine manufacturer, Hong Kong jewelry manufacturer) with regard to German labor law, posting of employees, social security, German Employment Regulations;

  • Advising a pharmaceutical manufacturer with over 300 employees on the revision of all employment contracts,

  • Employment advice of a London based architecture firm in the set up of its first German entity

  • Advising a manufacturing manufacturer on issues relating to the posting of employees;

  • Negotiations with the works council of a mechanical engineering company on relocation;

  • Drafting an agreement "Alliance for Work" with the works council of a manufacturing company;

  • Advising a Turkish owned German aircraft manufacturer in all employment related issues;

  • Advising a New York based Software company in employment issues of its German entity;

  • Advising a Dutch PE Company in investments in Germany regarding employment issues;

  • Advising an automobile manufacturer on collective bargaining compensation claims of AT employees;

  • Draft of compliance guidelines for service companies;

  • Advising a Hongkong based holding in the investment in a German Start-up;

  • Advising a German mid-size company in the production sector in a complete employment restructuring

  • Negotiation of the labor law consequences of a merger of two mechanical engineering companies;

  • Advising on the partial transfer of a North German container company to a company from Singapore;

  • Employment law advice on the sale of a part of the business of a German manufacturer;

  • Advising an Italian machine manufacturer on the posting of employees to Germany

  • Advising an Italian public company on German labor law issues in connection with the acquisition of a German company;

  • Employment law advice on the acquisition of a company in the automotive sector from insolvency, in particular on the transfer of business and changes in business






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